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为Solidaire®干燥系统的应用 干燥 ABS 缩醛树脂 酸,有机 农业化学品 铵diurinate  - 丁二烯 - 苯乙烯胶乳 血,凝结 羧甲基纤维素 醋酸纤维素 乙酸丁酸纤维素 木炭 磨成粉的咖啡 玉米粉 玉米淀粉 硅藻土 鱼蛋白 石膏 除草剂 杀虫剂 间苯二甲酸 二氧化锰 磷酸镁 农药 制药 磷 聚 聚乙烯 聚丙烯 聚醋酸乙烯酯 聚氯乙烯 对苯二甲酸 氯乙烯稳定剂 小麦淀粉 氢氧化锌

结晶 聚酯颗粒

冷 对苯二甲酸二甲酯 混合食品 聚烯烃 对苯二甲酸 三聚磷酸钠

加热反应 硝酸铵 六亚甲基二胺 胡椒 聚碳酸酯和添加剂 石英砂 淀粉 小麦和大豆浓缩

The Solidaire® Drying System features a jacketed cylinder with a high-speed paddle rotor that creates a highly agitated, dense, thin layer of material against the jacketed vessel wall. This results in unsurpassed heat transfer coefficients. This dryer's adjustable paddles can convey materials with poor flowability, as well as adapt to variations in the conveyance of materials whose flow characteristics change during drying. Material residence times range from under one minute to about 15 minutes.

The Solidaire® Drying System also processes heat-sensitive materials ranging from free-flowing solids to wet cakes and slurries. Superior gas contact results in material temperatures at the wet bulb temperature during constant rate drying, eliminating the need for vacuum. This process of the Solidaire® Drying System is also ideally suited to low density, fine particles that might otherwise be fluidized in mechanically or pneumatically agitated equipment.

The Solidaire® Drying System has three operating modes:

1. Indirect heat transfer, where heat is conducted through the cylindrical housing. This thermal processing method is well suited to solvent evaporation processes where a small counter-current flow of an inert sweep gas increases the rate of mass transfer.

2. Direct heat transfer, another thermal processing method, in which heat is transferred by convection using a large volume of gas. Direct heat transfer is applied using a co-current flow of material and gas. The two components are separated downstream in a cyclone or bag filter.

3. A combination, of indirect and direct heat transfer can be used to optimize energy efficiency while also reducing the material temperature.

For food applications, the Solidaire® Drying System's patented jet rotor design allows injection of a gas or liquid through the paddles into the thin layer of material flowing in a spiral along the cylindrical wall of the unit. This ability to inject at the optimum location for the material temperature and the volatile can benefit product quality. The design is often used for cooking, reacting, or sterilizing.

Applications for the Solidaire® Drying System DRYING ABS Acetal resins Acids, organic Agricultural chemicals Ammonium diurinate Butadiene styrene latex Blood, coagulated Carboxymethylcellulose Cellulose acetate Cellulose acetate butyrate Charcoal Coffee, ground Corn meal Corn starch Diatomaceous earth Fish protein Gypsum Herbicides Insecticides Isophthalic acid Magnesium dioxide Magnesium phosphate Pesticides Pharmaceuticals Phosphor Polybutylene Polyethylene Polypropylene Polyvinyl acetate Polyvinyl chloride Terephthalic acid Vinyl chloride stabilizer Wheat starch Zinc hydroxide

CRYSTALLIZATION Polyester pellets

COOLING Dimethyl terephthalate Food mixes Polyolefins Terephthalic acid Tripolyphosphate

HEATING & REACTION Ammonium nitrate Hexamethylenediamine Pepper Polycarbonate & additives Silica sand Starch Wheat & soybean concentrate

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